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Level 1 Assessment $125

If you are looking to get started with your golf fitness then the Level 1 Assessment is the place to start!  In the TPI Level 1 we take you through 16 different assessments to look at your mobility and stability patterns.  These patterns have a direct correlation on your physical abilities and how you are able to swing the golf club.

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Golf Evaluation
  • Assesses Mobility and Stability
  • Report of Findings and Basic Recommendations
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Junior Golfer Level 1 Assessment $125
Ages 12-18

Junior golfers can benefit greatly from a fitness routine.  Identifying areas of weakness early on can help us address those areas before they become problematic.  Build a solid foundation for many years of golf and fitness!

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Golf Evaluation
  • Assesses Mobility and Stability
  • Report of Findings and Basic Recommendations
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Level 2 Assessment $125

If you already have a solid fitness base and are looking to improve then the Level 2 Strength and Power Assessment will tell you your weak areas.  These assessments look at the major power sources of the body: the upper body, lower body, core and rotational power. 

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Strength and Power
  • Assesses Mobility and Stability
  • Assesses Strength and Power
  • Report of Findings
  • Must have Level 1 as a prerequisite
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Remote Fitness Training

Remote Fitness Training allows you to complete the recommended workouts from your Certified TPI Professionals in the comfort of your home or at the gym.  Once your TPI assessment is complete, one of our TPI Professionals will design a customized program to help you reach your golf fitness goals.  Our easy to use online platform has videos of every exercise so you know exactly what you should be doing.  We offer 2 different levels depending on the level of support desired.

Standard - $79/mo

  • Access to training app and online platform
  • Program is updated monthly

Premium - $199/mo

  • Access to training app and online platform
  • 2-way communication with your coach
  • Regular feedback and motivation
  • Program can be modified and adjusted regularly
  • Additional coaching on nutrition and health
  • Discounts on any in-person training sessions
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Golf Performance Training

Need a little more guidance, motivation, or accountability with your training?  Our fitness experts are there to help keep you on track!  Working with a fitness trainer ensures that you are using the best form possible, reducing the risk of injury and increasing the outcomes.  Our fitness trainers can also adjust your program in realtime if you are having an off day or issues with any of the exercises.

Private Training ($75 per session)

Semi-Private training ($45 per session)

*We offer group discounts for teams or groups of 3 or more training together

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Pre-Built Fitness Programs

Don't want to make the full committment to a customized program?  Check out our pre-built fitness programs to work on overall fitness.  These programs are a great way to get started on your fitness goals without the increased expense of a customized program.  The programs are designed to meet the abilities of all different levels, just choose the one that fits your needs!

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Group Performance Training

Training in small groups is a great way to build team cohesiveness or just push one another to work harder.  There are many different options for group training.  We will structure a plan specifically to meet the needs of your group.  

Contact us at curryns@gmail.com or 937-848-8500 to discuss group training options.

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Superspeed Golf + Fitness
Gain 20 yards off the tee in 6 weeks!

This program combines everything you need to increase clubhead speed and hit the ball farther! Our participants see an average of 9% increase in speed and 22 yards gained! Here’s what you get:

SuperSpeed Sticks

3 varying weighted golf clubs to promote overspeed training.  Increase swing speed in as little as 15 minutes!

Driver Fitting and Instruction

Heatherwoode Golf Club will take you through a driver fitting and intro instruction.

3 Months of Fitness Training

Access our Bridge Athletic app for online programming.  This specialized mobility and strength program is designed to help increase speed and power.

Additional Resources

Access to our additional resources including foot work drills and nutritional guides

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