Dr. Nick Curry
Titleist Performance Institute - Medical 3 Certified

Dr. Curry, a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, has the highest level certification through the Titleist Performance Institute as a Medical Professional.  As a golf medical professional, Dr. Curry has extensive training in diagnostics, injury inducing mechanics, and ijury rehabilitation to get golfers back on the course as quickly as possible.

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Golf is a game that requires mobility and flexibility in your joints and overall health in your body. Too many players are held back or experience pain due to injuries or conditions that are brought on by playing golf. Our clinic specializing in taking you from living in pain to getting you back on the links and pain-free.  

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"The doctor immediately asked all the right questions explained everything that he did.

This is the first time that I’ve been pain-free for over 30 days. They took the time to show me what exercises and stretches to do to continue the recovery. I would recommend them to anybody that is having any issues they are professional affordable and as far as I’m concerned the best in the industry."

- Tom Griffith, Google Review 

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